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Rebuilt Bottom of Existing Porch:
Clients front porch supports were completely rotted out and the old siding was full of carpenter ants and hornets. The rot had caused the roof to sag and bulge on the main roof where it was tied into the main rafters. Wordell's Home Solutions completely removed the front and sides along with the old 2 x 4 supports. We then dug new 4’ deep footings replacing the old stone footings and attached 4 x6 supports to the footings replacing the old 2 x 4 supports that had rotted away. We than installed new sister floor joists and new front beam consisting of 2 x 8 Pressure Treated Wood. The original decking was left intact as it was replaced two years ago. We then jacked up the roof leveling the front and lifting as high as was possible without causing problems to the main roof. The main support posts were than replaced with 4 x 4 Pressure Treated Posts and enclosed to look like the originals. The interior wall originally consisting of wainscot was replaced with 1 x 6 Bead Board, looking very similar. The exterior walls were blended into the main house walls and re-shingled to match the original house.

Built New Deck
Wordell’s Home Solutions tore down the old rotted deck built on the ground with undersized footings. We then built a new deck slightly longer than the old with new footings, new frame work and used composite deck materials for deck boards. We also installed new flashing to the side of the house that previously had been un-flashed. We than installed a new pressure treated railing to the sides.

Installed new fence:
Client had old fence that was leaning and rotting. Wordell's Home Solutions took down the old fence, and installed a new fence.

Built new deck:
Client wanted new deck installed using the latest materials. Wordell's Home Solutions built the deck.

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